GoI-licensed Excellon kickstarts GST awareness drive for businesses

EXACT to offer online GST solutions to enterprises

Mumbai, Wednesday, May 03, 2017: Excellon Software, the makers of EXACT – country’s leading GST solution and a GoI-licensed GSP (GST Suvidha Provider), today kick started an awareness and sensitization drive for businesses to smoothly transition to the new GST regime. The company addressed complexities of GST implementation among consumers, businesses, government and service providers. The company also introduced EXACT, a cloud-based GST software, that will help businesses migrate to GST tax structure.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Vinod Tambi, Co-founder & President, Excellon Software, said, “GST is not just a game changer for the Indian economy. The implementation and compliance is going to be a one-time challenge, especially for businesses used to following a historically complex tax structure. We realized that the market has a lot of unanswered questions on GST implementation. This session was an initiative to address the ambiguities on GST and hopefully we managed to do that.” Notably, Excellon introduced EXACT, its cloud-based GST solution created to ensure hassle-free GST compliance for businesses. As a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP), Excellon’s EXACT will provide innovative methods to tax payers in interacting with the GST Systems for an end-to-end compliance. The system will provide all user interfaces and convenience to enable a taxpayer to connect with GST system via secure system.

“The complexity of GST required a comprehensive yet simple solution and that is what Excellon has done. We’ve created the most robust, reliable and responsive GSP solution that is designed to give a hassle free GST migration for businesses,” added Mr Tambi.

EXACT has been designed with the objective to help companies manage their taxes better. The software creates an interface with the company’s existing OEM ERP and helps streamline processes such as registration, tax payment, returns filing and other information exchange with the core GST system. The major benefits for any company on EXACT are minimum time and effort for tax filing, easy uploading of invoice data, matching of its purchase data and most importantly getting a single stop shop for all GST related services.
The software also provides absolute data security with non-multitenant databases and allows automated data monitoring.

The parliament recently gave a green signal to the GST roll out from July 1st 2017, making it the biggest tax reform the country has ever seen. It will impact the central and state governments, consumers, small and big enterprises and service providers across sectors. GST is expected to significantly reduce the cost of transactions as well tax compliance for the manufacturing sector and will lead to ease of doing business in the long run. Implementation hurdles aside, the manufacturing sector is expected to improve efficiencies and increase its contribution to GDP in the long run.

With barely two months left for the rollout, the readiness and difficulties confronted by consumers, producers and service providers has become the most examined point of discussion. However, with companies such as Excellon Software, the country looks set to take on the biggest transformation it has ever witnessed.

About Excellon Software:

Nagpur based Excellon Software having another office in Pune is renowned for its cutting-edge yet simple-to-use sales, distribution, and service management software since its inception in 2000. Excellon’s research continues to leverage latest advances in Cloud, Mobility and Analytics for innovative solutions to difficult problems of enterprises and their customers. Excellon Software products are used by over 30,000 users in over 8500 locations worldwide. It has partnered with blue-chip companies from India and the world over to transform their Sales, Distribution and Service networks. Its awards and accolades are a testament to its commitment, diligence and efficacy in enabling businesses transform the way they work.
EXACT is a sub-brand of Excellon Software created with a single goal to ensure hassle free GST compliance for businesses. EXACT GSP SOLUTIONS by Excellon Software in its role as a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) will provide innovative methods to tax payers in interacting with the GST Systems for end to end GST compliance. EXACT GSP will provide all user interfaces and convenience to enable the taxpayer to connect with GST system via secure GST system API’s.

Excellon Software is committed to innovation and excellence in its endeavors to build tools and platforms that are robust, effective and intuitive. Its integrated and pragmatic approach to products and services ensures that workflows of companies are more efficient, transparent and profitable.
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